Aug 01, 2023

What is Athletes Journey?

Athletes Journey founder Glenn Collins has owned a family sports center in upstate New York for the last 25 years and has coached Ice Hockey for over 40 years.  He has coached players at each developmental age level, from beginners to college and professional players.  Glenn has spent the last seven years developing a website and app that allows families to work together and document their experiences in a time capsule-type format.  Families with players on the same teams can take pictures, Videos, and Audio messages and share them with the team.  The media is organized, and each user can modify their media and and hide the media they don't wish to see.  Parents can create separate accounts for their kids, which can be transferred to the kids when they are older.  By focusing on documenting their player's sporting events, parents take a more positive approach, relax, and enjoy watching their players compete.  

Any couple’s wedding memories ceremony remains one of the brightest and most unforgettable events in one’s life, as far as it marks the new beginning of a united life of a man and a woman. Swept away by the glamour of white lace and flowers and the true meaning of love, the day is filled with pretty promises. The recollection is very vivid and includes the happiness reflected in my partner’s face when we exchanged the rings, the tears shed with joy by parents and other relatives, and the loud laughter of friends. The music, the dances and the speeches woven into one comprised happy and festive accompaniment. Every moment in the life of a married couple, from that very moment, when two transform into one, till the last breath, the memories of which are the memories of love.