Aug 03, 2023

Athletes Journey App - A Place Where All Loved Ones Can Stay Closer and Connected

If your house is at risk from a fire or flood, what are the things that you will take? Aside from the obvious answers like pets and people, the most important items to be saved from a natural disaster are family photo albums and portraits. Preserving family memories and special times are very important to us, yet many of us take them for granted. 

Many of us don’t realize the importance of family, and the moments spent together.  We are quick to take a picture and post it to Facebook or Instagram at the moment but are not able to find them years later when you want to revisit those special times.  A lot of us go looking for family function videos and photos to relive those wonderful memories but must sort through boxes or piles of photo albums to try to find them.  Saving them in a safe and secure place that is easily accessible is a task. These videos and photos are the ones that bring smiles to our faces. Often you are out with friends and want to show them pictures or videos of past events, only to know the pictures are in storage at home.  There are many family function video sharing apps, but to get one that keeps teams and events organized and allows teammates and friends to contribute to them is unique.

Videos and photos combine to create and document memories of our life andcontribute to our legacy. We want them available to pass on to the next generation. An app for family functions video sharing helps you get connected with your family, friends, grandkids and great grandkids. You can pass on your legacy and family traditions by sharing and saving the important moments of your family’s life through an app for family functions, photo sharing and video sharing.

The Athletes Journey App helps you to hold your memories closely and pass them down to younger generations.  Whenever we see old pictures, we travel back in time and can feel and see the long-lost memories that were so special. It makes us realize how time moves quickly and we have to treasure every moment lived together with our loved ones, teammates, and friends.

Athletes Journey allows you to visualize the details, moments, places and things and convey them to those you love so that they can also relate and feel the joy.  All such precious moments also connect us to those who are no longer with us and also to the ones who will be coming into this world. Time capsules are the best way to know family members, the ancestors who came before, and alsohelped them to shape the world and person they have become today.  As time moves on the memories will fade,and the only thing that will keep you connected are the videos and photos of those special times and people.

The Athletes Journey app for family photo sharing and video sharing allows you to add a personal message and share memories from one generation to the next generation. This app has made it easier for loved ones to stay connected and create time capsules which are specifically designed to preserve the memories and pass them to future family members.  This app gives you a chance to get closer to your friends even if you are miles away. You can even pen down notes for specific videos and pictures which will help you preserve the details to later share with your family members.